Network Tokenization

Introduce network tokens to your payments ecosystem to enable safer, more efficient transactions


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Enhance Security. Improve Customer Experiences. Increase Authorization Rates.

  • Prevent fraud to eliminate declines and chargebacks
  • Reduce risk to increase approval rates and lower interchange fees
  • Access card details, such as issuer and card art, without needing to reveal the PAN
  • Automatically update account details when new card information is issued

As card-not-present transactions continue to grow in popularity and profitability, fraud has increased alongside it. To combat this rise in credit card theft and fraudulent transactions, certain issuers have begun offering network tokens that reduce risk and enhance the customer experience throughout the payments process.

TokenEx can now provide clients with network tokens for participating card issuers in addition to TokenEx tokens. This requires no extra work on behalf of the client and can deliver significant revenue-impacting benefits in instances where network tokens can be used.

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How it Works



Data Flow-Network Tokens-Top


  1. Client sends TokenEx a PAN or TokenEx token in a request for a network token.
  2. TokenEx generates the request for a network token and passes it to the card network.
  3. The card network sends the network token request to the card issuer.
  4. The card issuer provisions the network token, which is then returned to the client via TokenEx.



Data Flow-Network Tokens-Auth


  1. Client sends a payment authorization to TokenEx with a TokenEx token or a network token.
  2. TokenEx passes the payment authorization with the network token and cryptogram to the client’s payment gateway.
  3. The payment gateway passes the payment authorization to the payments network.
  4. The issuer approves the payment transaction.