P2P Encryption (Point-to-Point Encryption) for Omnichannel Acceptance

With TokenEx, you can secure and desensitize data from any acceptance channel, including P2PE and EMV-certified devices.

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Brick-and-Mortar Payments

Support transactions performed in physical store locations.

TokenEx's P2PE partnership enables TokenEx to offer data encryption for point-of-sale devices and PIN pads, and then securely tokenize that data before returning the token to your environment. This process reduces PCI scope while supporting a wide variety of devices with minimal integration burdens.

Descope Contact Centers

Desensitize data collected by PIN pads at call centers.

TokenEx P2PE solutions are just one of many ways you can remove call center workstations from PCI scope. TokenEx supports a variety of call center PIN pad devices, allowing you to secure and tokenize sensitive data at the point of capture.

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Keep PANs from entering your system by encrypting them upon entry

Protect all payment data collected via card swipes or manually entered on PIN pad devices by immediately encrypting, tokenizing, and vaulting it using point-to-point encryption when integrated with the TokenEx tokenization platform.

Accept Payments However They Come

TokenEx P2PE solutions work alongside a variety of card-not-present acceptance channels, giving you complete flexibility in how you accept payments without hindering your organization's growth.

P2PE Device Support

We support the following devices:
  • Ingenico iCMP
  • Ingenico iSC250
  • Ingenico iSC Touch 250
  • Ingenico iSC Touch 480
  • Ingenico iUC285
  • Ingenico iPP320, iPP350
  • Ingenico iSMP
  • Ingenico iWL Series
  • ID Tech SREDKey
  • ID Tech secuRED
  • PAX-A920
  • IDTech SpectrumPro
  • PAX D210
  • PAX S300
  • PAX S500
  • Miura M010
  • BBPOS WisePad 2
  • ID Tech Augusta S
  • Magtek Dynapro

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