Platform Overview

Learn how our cloud tokenization platform can help you collect, store, and transmit sensitive data.


Facilitate Flexible, Modern Payments

The TokenEx Data Protection Platform helps organizations offload the risk of storing sensitive data internally and provides a single point of integration for third-party partners. As a result, TokenEx customers can safely and compliantly accept, store, and transmit sensitive data.

This combination of security and flexibility enables customers to positively impact revenue by improving payment acceptance rates, reducing latency, and minimizing their PCI footprint.


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Securely Collect Omnichannel Payments

Remove downstream systems from PCI scope by capturing sensitive data at its earliest point of entry.

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We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field. That's a big relief.

Tyson Martin | Chief Information Security Officer, Orvis



Secure Data Collection

TokenEx offers several methods for collecting and tokenizing sensitive data. Depending on your use case, you could use a combination of these services to ensure secure and compliant omnichannel acceptance. 

Token Services API

Redirect sensitive data to TokenEx so it can be tokenized and securely stored outside of your environment. 

Hosted iFrame

A scope reduction tool that tokenizes data directly from your checkout page or web form to prevent sensitive data from entering downstream systems 

Browser-Based Encryption

Use a TokenEx-generated encryption key to provide an additional layer of protection for data transmitted to TokenEx.  

Mobile API

Capture sensitive data directly from your customers’ mobile devices and send it to TokenEx to be tokenized.  


Send multiple data sets within a single file to TokenEx for tokenizationFrequently utilized for scheduled recurring processes, large scale data transfers, and data migrations.

Contact Centers

Extend scope reduction to an organization’s contact center activities by tokenizing sensitive data collected via PIN pad, IVR, or DTMF systems.  

Transparent Gateway API 2.0

Cleanse data before it hits your environment by setting up unique API endpoints for inbound requests. Unique API endpoints available with custom URL options. 


Transmit Sensitive Data to Any API Endpoint

Send and receive data from third-party APIs without introducing risk or scope.

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TokenEx's platform fit our problem perfectly. It has the backend flexibility we need to transfer data to our partners without bringing PCI into our networks.

Henry Mendez Jr. | Head of Engineering, Tablet



Secure Data Transmission

TokenEx offers flexible, customizable methods for transmitting sensitive data to third parties such as partners and payment service providers. Depending on your organization's needs, you could use a combination backend technologies.

Transparent Gateway API 2.0

Transmit tokenized data to any payment gateway, processor, service provider, or other API endpoint without handling sensitive data internally

Payment Services API 2.0

Connect to your desired combination of payment service providervia a single, maintenance-free point of integration.

Other Products & Integrations

In addition to the services offered natively within the TokenEx platform, we also give our clients access to valuable third-party integrations.

Network Tokenization

Prevent fraud and enhance the customer experience by using network tokens throughout the payments process. 

Fraud Mitigation

Increase conversion rates and minimize fraudulent transactions by integrating TokenEx into the workflow of your preferred fraud provider. 

3-D Secure

Reduce fraud and comply with the strong customer authentication requirements of the Payment Services Directive 2.

Account Updater

Make your recurring billing seamless and more profitable by ensuring customer card data remains up to date.

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