Token Services API

Offload the risk, complexity, and expense of storing sensitive data internally


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Eliminate Risk. Simplify Systems.

  • Offload the risk and compliance burden of storing sensitive data internally
  • Create a secure abstraction layer that can easily integrate with critical business systems
  • Maintain complete control of the entire token lifecycle

Organizations today must collect and store sensitive personal and payment data to support critical business operations. However, when these valuable data sets are stored internally, they can introduce serious risk and compliance concerns, as well as require significant IT infrastructure and support when those resources could be better allocated to revenue-generating operations.

To address these concerns, TokenEx’s Token Services API enables you to redirect sensitive personal and payment data to our Data Protection Platform to be tokenized and securely stored outside of your environment. As a result, you can offload the risk, complexity, expense, and compliance burden of storing sensitive data internally.

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Reduce Your Risk Footprint

West Bend virtually eliminated the risk of data theft without disrupting its existing operations by removing sensitive data from its environment.

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We were looking for opportunities to reduce the impact of a breach, and the way we saw to do that was to eliminate personal financial information that is stored in our systems.

Ryan Dove | Director of Information Security, West Bend Mutual Insurance

How it Works



Data Flow-Token Services-Tokenize


  • Client sends TokenEx sensitive data via Token Services API.
  • TokenEx accepts and tokenizes the sensitive data.
  • TokenEx returns a token to client for safe internal storage and business use.



Data Flow-Token Services-DeTokenize


  • Client sends a token to TokenEx via Token Services API.
  • TokenEx exchanges the token for the corresponding data.
  • TokenEx returns the original value to client.