Any Processor, Any Endpoint

TokenEx's patented Transparent Gateway is processor-agnostic, meaning we can send sensitive data to any payment gateway, processor, service provider, or other endpoint.

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Secure Data in Transit

Send API calls to third parties without needing to detokenize.

Using the transparent payment gateway API, you can send sensitive payment and privacy data while it's still tokenized — fully secure and desensitized.

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Transparent Integration

Don't interrupt your current processes.

The Transparent Gateway is built to work in the background, enabling your organization to keep existing business operations with few modifications.

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Send data to multiple processors, providers, or gateways.

Don't limit yourself to one payment provider or data processor. Send your data to multiple endpoints and add or remove them whenever you choose.

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Generate a hash of an API request after it's been detokenized.

The TokenEx Transparent Gateway's hashing functionality allows customers to work with PSPs requiring hash parameters to access their API services.

Benefits of the Transparent Gateway

The patented Transparent Gateway is one of our most powerful products. With the TGAPI, customers can:
  • Pick any processor or gateway you want.
  • Change PSPs at any time.
  • Send data to multiple endpoints.
  • Secure data in transit.
  • Use encryption and hashing support.

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TokenEx provides both a testing and live environment with an incredibly easy UI where you can apply your own business rules. You can also select the payment service provider of your choice and not the other way around.

Ken Liao | Director of Implementation Services, Globalfaces Direct


We can work with any of the payment processors that our clients already use, so the tokenization of their data is completely transparent to them.

Dazhi Chen | Co-Founder, Relevant Mobile (Bridg)


TokenEx Ecommerce Package Overview

The Transparent Gateway is a cornerstone of our ecommerce offering, which allows our epayment customers to work seamlessly with multiple payment processors or gateways.

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