Transparent Gateway 2.0

Send and receive data from third-party APIs without introducing risk or scope



Simple. Flexible. Secure.

  • Transmit and receive sensitive data without introducing risk or compliance scope
  • Securely interact with any third-party API
  • Work with any combination of processors or gateways
  • Tokenize or detokenize multiple data elements in a single API call
  • Support message-level functions for additional processing like encryption, decryption, or inserting a security code
  • Payload hashing endpoint to satisfy digital signature requirements
  • Accommodate any message format such as REST/JSON, SOAP/XML, formURLencoding, etc.

TGAPI 2.0 enhances our platform’s existing capabilities for sensitive data transmission by enabling customers to set up unique endpoints that accept and cleanse data before it hits their environment. This allows for the limitless expansion of third-party acceptance channels with no increase to risk or compliance scope.

Through its expanded ability to handle inbound requests, TGAPI 2.0 reduces the surface area organizations must secure to protect incoming sensitive data, creating a more easily manageable risk footprint. This greatly reduces cost and complexity, in addition to facilitating a uniform approach across inbound data sources.

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Unlock Your Payments

Snaptravel leveraged the TokenEx platform to accept and tokenize credit card data from third parties, enabling an additional 10 percent of its business.

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The alternative is that we don't charge or tokenize credit cards, which is not possible for our business. TokenEx has always been so core to our business.

Henry Shi | Co-Founder and CTO, Snaptravel

How it Works



Data Flow Inbound-TGAPI


  • Tokenize data in an inbound request.
  • Detokenize data in a response to an inbound request.



Data Flow Outbound-TGAPI


  • Detokenize data in an outbound request.
  • Tokenize data in a response to an outbound request.