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Attract New Business & Increase the Value of Your Customers

  • Enhance authorization rates and reduce false declines
  • Enable dynamic routing and flexible settlements
  • Minimize PCI scope and simplify compliance

TokenEx can help you offer your customers unmatched flexibility in how they secure and process payments. Our tokenization platform works by replacing sensitive card data with a universal token that can be used to conduct business as usual without introducing risk or PCI scope. Once the data is tokenized, your customers can send it to any API endpoint. This makes it easy to integrate with nearly any third-party technology, so you and your customers can build the ideal ecosystem for payments.

Our universal tokens give your customers greater flexibility and control over how they process payments and interact with third-party technologies. TokenEx also has built-in integrations with network tokens, account updater, 3DS, and fraud prevention platforms, so you can offer a diverse suite of payment tools without needing to build or maintain them internally. These features make you more valuable to your customers and can help you increase their retention and growth by enhancing the profitability of their digital payments.

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How it Works


tokenization platform payment processing overview

  1. Safely collect sensitive data from nearly any inbound channel without introducing unnecessary risk or PCI scope.
  2. Exchange that data for nonsensitive universal tokens for continued business use within your customers' payment ecosystems.
  3. Share that data with any third-party API and easily integrate with our additional features and services.