Take Contact Centers Out of PCI Scope

Secure and desensitize data collected and processed at call centers with TokenEx. This process removes it from PCI scope and simplifies compliance for your business.

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Dual-Tone Multifrequency

Simple integration with your call center software.

By performing a web services API call once the data has been captured and digitized, TokenEx supports the tokenization of data through DTMF channels.

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Self-Service Solutions

Secure interactive voice response systems for PCI compliance.

Prevent downstream applications and systems from receiving sensitive data by tokenizing it with TokenEx Web Services API in the IVR environment.

Tokenize card data as it's being entered into P2PE devices.

Integrated with a contact center's PIN pad device, our P2PE solution captures the encrypted PAN and transmits it directly to our secure cloud.

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TokenEx can tokenize both payment and privacy data.

We store sensitive cardholder and personal data, securing and desensitizing both in accordance with industry and regulatory compliance obligations.

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Omnichannel Security Support

Our call center solutions can secure sensitive data from payments accepted by the following technologies:
  • Dual-tone multifrequency signaling.
  • Interactive voice response.
  • Point-to-point encryption.

Learn how TokenEx can secure your call center's sensitive data via a variety of acceptance channels.

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Locus H2O Wireless

With one quick integration to Syntec CardEasy keypad phone payments, TokenEx removed risk and PCI scope from Locus H2O's omnichannel contact center.

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