Cyber Risk Management

Resolve your exposure to many forms of cyberattacks and optimize your business for security and profitability.

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Reduce Risk to Strengthen Cyber Policies

Protecting your organization’s reputation in a world of ever-increasing cyber risk is critical. By removing sensitive data from your environment and storing it externally, your organization can safely and confidently control your risk exposure, measurably lower your premiums, and simplify compliance with international regulations. As a result, you can potentially improve your insurability by demonstrating your organization’s commitment to reducing cyber risk.

Flexible Revenue Management

Audits and assessments can be costly, and increased interchange fees, declines, or chargebacks can negatively impact bottom lines. In these ways, risk and compliance are opportunities for revenue management, specifically when it comes to processing payments. By leveraging TokenEx to reduce compliance burdens, enable payments flexibility, and minimize risk, organizations can better control their commerce and increase the profitability of their payment flows.


We were looking for opportunities to reduce the impact of a breach, and the way we saw to do that was to eliminate personal financial information that is stored in our systems.

Ryan Dove | Director of Information Security, West Bend Mutual Insurance


Reduce Your Risk Footprint

West Bend virtually eliminated the risk of data theft without disrupting its existing operations by removing sensitive data from its environment and storing it externally.

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How it Works

DataFlow4x_TokenEx Overview


  • TokenEx captures sensitive data via API, batch, or third-party requests and then tokenizes that data to de-risk and remove downstream systems from scope.
  • TokenEx returns a nonsensitive multi-use token that can be safely stored within business systems while the original data is secured externally.
  • TokenEx can transmit sensitive data safely to multiple partners, processors, gateways, and other third-party providers.

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