Segment and Secure Sensitive Data

Remove payment and other sensitive data from your network with TokenEx's Data Security Island, securing it and effectively segmenting it away from PCI compliance scope.

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Devalue and Deidentify

Desensitize your data for maximum PCI and PII segmentation.

Many industry and regulatory compliance obligations require personal and payment data to be desensitized. Tokenization meets this requirement.

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Reduce Risk of Breaches

Tokenization can reduce the risk and ultimate cost of a breach.

Tokenization is more secure than other data-protection methods, and it can diminish the effects of a breach by desensitizing the data involved.

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Implement tokenization without disrupting your operations.

We can update your internal systems to meet security requirements and compliance obligations while your organization conducts business as usual.

Save on technology expenses for better planning and more profits.

Because TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform outsources the management of sensitive data to a secure, compliant third party, you save on infrastructure.

Benefits of a Segmented Solution

The TokenEx Data Security Island enables you to:
  • Devalue and deidentify data before it enters your environment.
  • Secure data using tokenization and encryption.
  • Update internal technologies to meet business demands and compliance obligations while conducting business as usual.
  • Reduce capital expenditure on new technology for better planning and capital outlay.

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Modern Security Architecture

Protect your most sensitive data without sacrificing its utilityor the agility of your current business processes.Cloud-based tokenization removes sensitive data from yourenvironment, exchanges it for a nonsensitive placeholder,and securely stores the original data in the cloud.

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