Fraud-Prevention Integration

Even if your data is safely tokenized, fraud can cut into your profits. Integrate directly with world-class fraud-prevention services for an additional layer of data security.

Layered Data Protection
Detect Fraud Instantly

Compile a detailed fraud score in milliseconds.

Our fraud-prevention partner analyzes customers' PANs, purchase histories, locations, IP addresses, and payment origin to ensure no fraud occurs.

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Build Layered Security

Stack security solutions for safe payment processing.

TokenEx supports multiple, layered third-party integrations to combine tokenization with other services for maximum security and flexibility.

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Protect your data with award-winning fraud prevention from Kount.

Prevent fraudsters from accessing and using your customers' data by combining TokenEx tokenization with Kount 's multifaceted fraud solution.

Transparent, frictionless fraud-prevention service options

Use our preferred fraud partner or integrate with the fraud-prevention provider of your choice — without altering your current business processes.

The Value of Fraud-Prevention Tools

Fraud prevention is an essential part of any successful layered security solution. By combining TokenEx and Kount, you can expect:
  • Instant fraud detection
  • Quick, easy integration
  • Access to advanced intelligence tools and machine learning
  • Stronger security for your customers
  • Fewer chargebacks

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Incorporating tokenization from TokenEx and fraud prevention from Kount was one of the smartest decisions we made to differentiate our ecommerce services from our competitors.

Nevin Shalit | CEO, Bolder Road


Fight Fraud With Kount

TokenEx partnered with fraud-prevention provider Kount to layer its security solutions with tokenization to help break the cycle of payment fraud.

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