Payment Tokenization Services

Secure all your payment data—primary account numbers, card verification values, automated clearing house transactions, and more—without sacrificing its business utility.

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Keep Existing Operations

Simple integrations work seamlessly with your systems

Our cloud-based tokenization operates in the background—capturing and securing sensitive payment data without altering your processes.

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Payment-Provider Agnostic

Work with any PSP and leverage multiple processors

Choose the payment processor, gateway, and/or endpoint that works best for your needs while retaining total ownership of your data.

Accept ACH Payments in Compliance with NACHA

TokenEx can secure and desensitize deposit account information, making it unreadable and safe to store in compliance with NACHA's supplementing data security requirements.

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Cloud-based data protection for maximum PCI scope reduction

By securing and desensitizing data at the point of acceptance and storing it outside of your environment, TokenEx minimizes your PCI compliance scope.

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Features of Payment Solutions

  • Capture and secure online payments directly from ecommerce websites
  • Select your preferred payment gateway and/or processor relationships
  • Easily integrate with multiple processors and other third parties
  • Collect any structured data type from virtually any channel and send it to any API endpoint
  • Virtually eliminate the risk of data theft and minimize the scope of PCI compliance
  • Leverage Account Updater to refresh card-on-file data and secure seamless recurring payments

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With TokenEx, our systems never accept or store PANs. TokenEx takes care of storing the PANs, and we just get tokens back to store in our databases, use for future or recurring charges, and process refunds.

Bob Bailey | Co-Founder and President, MyCustomEvent (Configio)


With TokenEx, we completely eliminate the risk of payment data theft and the effect that would have on all our clients. We know all our clients’ payment data is safe in TokenEx vaults, yet available for processing at any time.

Bill Drury | Director of Information Security, TSD


TokenEx supports the tokenization of our transactions from our cloud platform, as well as the migration of credit card data from one system to another.

Michael Prodor | Technical Engagement Manager,


Become PCI Compliant: PCI DSS Guide

Learn how to comply with PCI requirements by removing data from the scope of your cardholder data environment with TokenEx's industry-leading cloud-based tokenization platform.

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