Payments Modernization

Optimize your payments workflow with a holistic look at the end-to-end payments value chain by targeting functions to enable innovation and connect to new networks and schemes.

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Secure Payments Orchestration

As your organization grows, you need to be able to work with multiple payment service providers and third-party technologies to enhance the value and efficiency of your digital transactions. Most providers aren't designed to offer this level of freedom—in fact it's in their best interests to restrict you solely to their suites of products. TokenEx, however, gives you the tools you need to build your ideal payments ecosystem.

Whether it's routing payments across multiple gateways to lower interchange fees and increase acceptance rates, enhancing redundancy by spinning up backup token environments, or meeting requirements for data residency by expanding deployments into new regions, the TokenEx Data Protection Platform provides the necessary flexibility to modernize your payments streams.

Revenue Management

Budgets for security audits and assessments can often be better allocated elsewhere, and interchange fees, declines, or chargebacks due to fraud can negatively impact bottom lines and customer experiences. These risk and compliance concerns are opportunities for revenue management—specifically when it comes to decreasing the likelihood of fraud and data theft for improved payment processing.

By minimizing risk and offering seamless integrations with fraud-management tools, the TokenEx Data Protection Platform can reduce your compliance burden and enhance your payment acceptance rates. This empowers you to let commerce—not compliance—dictate the customer experience so you can maximize the profitability of your payment flows.

Customer Data & Analytics

Sensitive data stored internally isn't always available for business use. Because the data must be protected in compliance with specific regulatory requirements, you often aren't able to access it without risking violations or exposure. By tokenizing this data with TokenEx—removing it from your environment and replacing it with a nonsensitive equivalent—you can unlock the value of your data and digital operations.

TokenEx tokens create a single mapping between a token and a customer credit card. This enables you to build profiles to track consumer behaviors and easily integrate with third-party providers to better understand the impact of risk, interchange fees, and more. With these insights, you can make better informed decisions about how to optimize your digital payments.


The alternative is that we don't charge or tokenize credit cards, which is not possible for our business. TokenEx has always been so core to our business.

Henry Shi | Co-Founder and CTO, Snaptravel


Unlock Your Payments

Snaptravel leveraged the TokenEx platform to accept and tokenize credit card data from third parties, enabling an additional 10 percent of its business.

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How it Works

DataFlow4x_TokenEx Overview


  • TokenEx captures sensitive data via API, batch, or third-party requests and then tokenizes that data to de-risk and remove downstream systems from scope.
  • TokenEx returns a nonsensitive multi-use token that can be safely stored within business systems while the original data is secured externally.
  • TokenEx can transmit sensitive data safely to multiple partners, processors, gateways, and other third-party providers.

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