PII Tokenization and Pseudonymization

Tokenization complies with most global privacy regulations by successfully pseudonymizing data, securing it while retaining its business utility.

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What is PII?

Personally identifiable information (PII) is defined in NIST Special Publication 800-122 as any information an organization gathers, stores, or processes that can independently identify—or be combined with additional information to determine, trace, or distinguish the identity of—a specific individual. This type of information includes names, Social Security numbers, biometric records, dates and places of birth, mothers' maiden names, etc.

Regardless of the regulation or compliance mandates being considered, PII is sometimes used more broadly to refer to all types of identifying personal information—similar to how PCI can be shorthand for cardholder data. PII is particularly valuable to cybercriminals because it can be used to commit fraud by impersonating those whom the data identifies, making the consequences of compromised PII significantly more expensive and debilitating than losing a credit card PAN.

Reduce Privacy Scope

Pseudonymize Sensitive Data for Privacy Compliance

Most privacy regulations don't apply to non-identifying information. Pseudonymization de-identifies data, removing it from scope.

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Preserve Business Utility

Continue to use your data for business-intelligence purposes.

TokenEx enables you to work securely with any third party to optimize your customers' data for loyalty programs, analytics, and more.

TokenEx supports compliance for GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PDPB, and more.

Tokenization is a powerful technology for significantly reducing international compliance scope regardless of country, territory, or regulation.

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Secure any sensitive personal data type with a single platform.

TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform utilizes tokenization to secure multiple types of privacy data, including NPI, PII, PHI, and more.

Privacy by Design and by Default

  • Tokenization successfully pseudonymizes data.
  • Pseudonymized data is out of privacy scope.
  • Data can still be used for business purposes.
  • Secure any sensitive data type, including personally identifiable information, for comprehensive privacy compliance.

Learn how to simplify privacy compliance while maintaining data's business utility with TokenEx.

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TokenEx Privacy Solutions

TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform offers flexible products that can secure and desensitize your customers' data in accordance with global privacy guidelines.

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