Regulatory Compliance Outcomes

Reduce the cost and complexity of complying with industry regulations while simultaneously increasing the value of your digital payments.

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Reduce Scope and Cost

To achieve PCI compliance efficiently and affordably, we recommend a method called “descoping.” Our preferred descoping technique is to remove sensitive data from your internal systems, exchange it for a nonsensitive placeholder, and then store it safely outside of your environment—minimizing your PCI footprint without disrupting ongoing business operations.

Eliminate Risk

We can help comply with Nacha, specifically its Rule for Supplementing Data Security Requirements, by rendering deposit account information unreadable in electronic storage. Additionally, we can integrate with any processor, payment gateway, or third-party API. This capability can increase the freedom and flexibility of your data operations, enabling you to grow and more easily reach new markets.

International Compliance

TokenEx can integrate with many third-party providers of PSD2-compliant strong customer authentication services. Our preferred 3DS solution can ensure your organization receives the compliance and fraud-reducing benefits of SCA without exposing you to the risk associated with handling raw payment card information. As a result, you can enhance security, authorization rates, and customer experiences.


We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field.

Tyson Martin | Chief Information Security Officer, Orvis

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Minimize Scope

Cleansing its internal systems of all sensitive data and consolidating customer PII & PCI enabled Orvis to reduce its PCI scope by nearly 90%.

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How it Works

DataFlow4x_TokenEx Overview


  • TokenEx captures sensitive data via API, batch, or third-party requests and then tokenizes that data to de-risk and remove downstream systems from scope.
  • TokenEx returns a nonsensitive multi-use token that can be safely stored within business systems while the original data is secured externally.
  • TokenEx can transmit sensitive data safely to multiple partners, processors, gateways, and other third-party providers.

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