Breaches Cost $150 Per Record Lost

According to a 2020 Ponemon Institute study, the cost of a data breach quickly adds up — averaging $3.86 million. Don't let a breach become an incident.

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More Security, Less Risk

TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform reduces risk via tokenization.

We turn sensitive data into non-sensitive data called "tokens," removing it from your environment and storing it offsite in a secure cloud.

What is Tokenization?
No Data, No Theft

Tokenization removes your sensitive data from the equation.

Because tokenization desensitizes your data, no sensitive information is exposed in the event of a breach — only non-sensitive, unrelated tokens.

TokenEx can help you reduce PR fallout in the event of a breach.

By pseudonymizing your data, tokenization could save your organization from being required to notify its customers of a potential breach.

Tokenization secures and desensitizes data. Encryption doesn't.

Because tokenization removes sensitive data from an environment and turns it into non-sensitive tokens, it offers better security and more compliance.

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Reduce Risk Through Better Security

Integrate flexibly with your existing systems.
  • Remove sensitive data from your environment.
  • Desensitize data for maximum compliance.
  • Reduce the cost of a breach.
  • Accessible uptime and availability indicators

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What is Tokenization?

Tokenization and encryption both secure sensitive data, but only tokenization desensitizes data and offers a host of other benefits, including data breach risk reduction.

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