Secure, Cloud-Based Data Vaulting

Trust your data is stored securely in TokenEx's encrypted, cloud-based token vault, designed solely for high-performance security ops and nothing else.

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Highly Secure Vaulting

Our cloud vault is dependable and virtually impenetrable.

TokenEx partners with leading cloud-security and compliance-solutions company Armor to host a secure cloud vault on Armor's infrastructure platform.

Flexible Storage Options

TokenEx offers both single- and multi-tenant secure data vaults.

Reduce overhead with our highly secure multi-tenant option or choose increased customization and isolation with our single-tenant offering.

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Securely vault your sensitive data regardless of type or format.

TokenEx's cloud-based data vault provides secure storage options for all types and formats of data, including payment data, privacy data, and more.

Retain complete ownership and control over your vaulted data.

Unlike many payment processors, TokenEx doesn't charge you for the recall or return of data. Take back your data at any time — no strings attached.

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Trust Your Token Vault

TokenEx designed its architecture for maximum reliability. We ensure this through:
  • Complete operational control of all systems within our data center
  • Annual audits by an independent third party
  • Data availability via continual synchronization between facilities
  • Accessible uptime and availability indicators

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