Diverse, Flexible Token Schemes

Our versatile token formats are designed to fit your organization's current systems and integrate with minimal alteration to your platform.

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Schemes for All Data Sets

TokenEx's token schemes can be used to secure data of all types.

We use a variety of token formats — from alphanumeric to length-preserving and more — to tokenize any data type or format your organization processes.

Keep Business Continuity

Our flexible token schemes work with your current operations.

Ensure your organization maintains the full functionality and business intelligence of its present data processing with our versatile token formats.

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Use our tokens to remove sensitive data from your environment.

When data is tokenized, it is devalued, so even if a data breach occurs, the tokens accessed by cybercriminals won't compromise the original data.

Deidentify your privacy data to comply with regulatory standards.

Because tokenization is synonymous with pseudonymization, you can protect privacy data of all types using TokenEx's versatile tokenization schemes.

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Token Schemes for Any Data

Secure and desensitize data of all types with TokenEx's flexible token formats. Use tokens that are:
  • Alphanumeric
  • Length- and format-preserving
  • Luhn-compliant
  • Fully functional within your current business systems

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We have payment card data, personally identifiable information and unstructured data. … We discovered, to our surprise, there was only one vendor that we found that currently provides all three criteria – the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform.

Max Grannan | Senior IS Director of Security and Compliance , MRC Global


TokenEx Controls and Solutions

Ready to achieve industry and regulatory compliance? Partner with TokenEx to combat data theft with our custom token schemes for cloud tokenization. Download the eBook to learn the complete list of PCI DSS and GDPR controls addressed by the TokenEx platform.

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