The Pitfalls of Tokenizing with your Payment Processor

Organizations are adopting tokenization for the simple fact that if your tokenized data is breached, all that has been exposed is a meaningless token, not the sensitive data. So much so, that tokenized data is not even subject to PCI DSS compliance. In this eBook, we will compare/contrast payment service provider (PSP) tokenization with an agnostic cloud tokenization platform. 

Payment processors are notorious for keeping your data, and making you pay per record to return your own data to you. What if you decide to switch PSP’s or you want to enlist a 3rd party for marketing analytics, customer buying patterns, etc., and you need your data returned to you? With all of this in mind, we will contrast how a flexible cloud-based tokenization solution will foster scalable growth in tokenizing all data sets without crushing your data security budget versus utilizing a payment processor.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • PSPs will charge you to return your data to you
  • Processor tokenization is much more expensive
  • Processors cannot tokenize personal information

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