Services API

Offload the risk and cost of storing sensitive data

What can it do?

Relieve the burden of sensitive data storage

Outsource your sensitive data to a secure cloud environment to reduce risk, cost, complexity, and compliance scope.

Easily integrate with existing business systems

Create a secure layer of abstraction where you can store sensitive data and connect to any API endpoint.

Control the entire token lifecycle

Your tokens are your tokens. Always be in direct control of token creation, deletion, validation, and updating.

How does it work?

Make a call to the Token Services API

Send us your sensitive data

Call the Token Services API with a request to tokenize and include your sensitive data within three curly braces.

Return the token in a detokenize request

Retrieve the original data

When you need to access the original sensitive data, simply call the Token Services API again with a request to detokenize.

How our API can be useful for your business

Our simple, easily accessible API documentation contains everything from data flows to code snippets, giving you the information you need to begin testing right away.

Achieve your business goals

The following guides and API documentation will help you successfully integrate with our platform.

Get sandbox access

If you don’t yet have access to the TokenEx Test environment, contact sales for a TokenEx ID and API key.

Why is it valuable?

“It’s helped us become a forerunner in this space and to pioneer a lot of the things that are out there today.”

Theron Hatch

Chief Information Officer, Pay N Seconds

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.