What is Tokenization and how Does it Work?

The purpose of tokenization is to swap out sensitive data — typically payment card or bank account numbers — with a randomized number in the same format, but with no intrinsic value of its own. A tokenization platform that incorporates off-site data vaulting can thwart the most nefarious of attacks from gaining any type of usable information no matter the data type.

How TokenEx Leads the Industry:

  • Any Data Set: Most tokenization solutions from other service providers deal only with payment data. We secure not only PCI, but also PII, PHI, ACH, NPI, and any other sensitive data set covered by diverse international rules and regulations that vary by country.
  • Omni-channel: TokenEx provides flexible technologies and methodologies to make tokenizing and data vaulting work with any acceptance channel you need to use, including web, mobile, call centers, swipe card readers, and even mail-in forms.
  • Token Schemes: The TokenEx Cloud Security Platform is an open integration platform, and as such provides a wide choice of industry-standard token format for you to use.
  • Transparent Tokenization/Detokenization: TokenEx, literally, operates “transparently” between your business environment and your partners’ booking engines and payment processing systems, enabling you to keep sensitive data out of your business and IT environments.
  • Data Residency: With data centers in the EU, UK, and USA, TokenEx is fully equipped to help companies around the world achieve GDPR compliance.

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