Premium token flexibility and storage

What can it do?

Diverse token formats

Choose from over 25 token schemes to ensure you’re using the right format for your unique needs and use case.

Increased redundancy

Store a mapping between the token and the original data that can be referenced to recreate lost, damaged, or stolen data.

Lower overhead

Cloud-based tokenization is more affordable and provides greater PCI scope reduction than on-prem tokenization.

How does it work?

Reliable cloud tokenization

Remove sensitive data

Eliminate the risk of storing sensitive data internally by sending it to TokenEx for secure tokenization and vaulting.

Unmatched token variety

Nearly 30 schemes to meet your needs

Use different token formats for different data types and business cases so you never have to sacrifice utility for convenience.

How our API can be useful for your business

Our simple, easily accessible API documentation contains everything from data flows to code snippets, giving you the information you need to begin testing right away.

Achieve your business goals

The following guides and API documentation will help you successfully integrate with our platform.

Get sandbox access

If you don’t yet have access to the TokenEx Test environment, contact sales for a TokenEx ID and API key.

Why is it valuable?

“We were looking for opportunities to reduce the impact of a breach, and the way we saw to do that was to eliminate personal financial information that is stored in our systems.”

Ryan Dove

Director of Information Security, West Bend Mutual Insurance

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.