Tokenization and IRM for Data-Centric Security

Learn how to build a comprehensive data-centric security solution.

Streamline Security and Compliance

The global expansion of privacy regulations is forcing entities to re-evaluate how they handle personal information. To meet these mounting regulatory obligations and reduce the risk associated with processing sensitive data, organizations should take a data-centric approach to security and develop a unified strategy for compliance. This can be done by utilizing an integrated risk management (IRM) solution to harmonize controls and by implementing tokenization for the de-identification of personal information.

Join us to learn how SureCloud and TokenEx can help you minimize risk and streamline your compliance efforts via the combination of IRM and tokenization platforms. Leveraging the two can empower organizations to satisfy the data protection requirements of multiple privacy laws such as the GDPR and CCPA, reduce the risks they face, and better position themselves to comply with future regulations.

Streamline Security and Compliance

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