How to Reduce Controls and Streamline Compliance

Learn how to simplify your path to meeting the requirements of the PCI DSS.

PCI Descoping Explained

Descoping a data environment by decreasing the amount of PCI traversing it is one of the simplest and most effective ways of complying with the PCI DSS. By outsourcing the handling of sensitive payment information to security experts, organizations can reduce compliance and operational costs while minimizing the risk and liability associated with a potential data breach. Tokenization is especially effective at this due to its ability to remove sensitive data from an environment and store it securely in the cloud.

However, recognizing the efficacy of a solution is not the same as knowing how to execute it. That's where our data security experts can help. Join us to learn how to streamline compliance by reducing the amount of PCI controls your organization is responsible for addressing.

PCI Descoping Explained

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