Secure Any Sensitive Data Element

Cloud-based tokenization for data security and regulatory compliance

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Unlimited Payment Processor Flexibility

Our Transparent Gateway enables integration with any payment processor or third party to obtain the best rates and incentives with complete flexibility and freedom. Don't be locked in to a single processor or third party, and retain ownership of your data.

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What Is Tokenization  Tokenization Explained

Achieve PCI Compliance

Learn how you can comply with the PCI DSS using our industry-leading cloud-based tokenization software. Review initial steps and strategies for reducing the complexity and cost of compliance with our PCI DSS compliance guide.

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TokenEx provides a very high level of customer support—both from a technical and feature-specific standpoint. They are excellent at helping us solve problems and brainstorm ideas for new processes.

Michael Prodor | Technical Engagement Manager,


Implementation of tokenization was fast and efficient. We are really glad we found the right tokenization company to partner with, one that understood our issues from day one.

Dazhi Chen | Co-Founder, Relevant Mobile (Bridg)


Because changes can be implemented so quickly by TokenEx, we can close more deals. Their service and support teams are excellent.

Charles Lane | Co-Founder, MyCustomEvent (Configio)


From our first conversations with TokenEx to testing in their cloud sandbox, migrating to our production platform, and uploading existing PANs to token vaults—it only took about a month. The whole process went quickly.

Bill Drury | Director of Information Security, TSD


Best IT-related customer support I have experienced. Their processes work as advertised as well.

Brandon Jaap | Senior Software Developer, Compassion International


I've done multiple integrations with TokenEx for PCI and PII and have had nothing but a great experience with their technical and non-technical support. Great service!

Joshua Boddiford | Owner and Business Application Manager, Boddiford Consulting

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TokenEx was a play because they could process payments at the door. That led to recovering almost 20 percent of lost revenue, and there is still more growth to follow.

Matt Davison | Co-Founder and Vice President of Operations, Globalfaces Direct


Send Data to Any Endpoint

Work with any payment service provider, loyalty program, analytics company, or third party to preserve your existing business processes with our processor-agnostic, easy-to-use Transparent Gateway.

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Omnichannel Acceptance

No matter how you accept payments or privacy data, TokenEx can secure them before they ever enter your system for maximum scope and risk reduction. We integrate with a variety of payment methods and processors to suit your business needs.

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Security and Compliance Your Organization Can Count On

Data breaches and regulatory fines adversely affect your business's bottom line, costing valuable time and resources that could otherwise be dedicated to growing your organization. Protect your assets while strengthening the security and compliance of your organization using industry-leading cloud-based tokenization.

How to Choose a Tokenization Solution

Gain a better understanding of the questions your organization should be asking when it comes to selecting the right tokenization solution by downloading our free ebook now.