account updater

Don’t let revenue expire

Prevent revenue loss, improve your customer experience, and minimize PCI scope.

What can it do?

Account Updater is a payment solution that automatically updates expired, lost, or stolen card information on file.

Enhance payment profitability

Stop false declines due to expired card information so you can support seamless recurring transactions for greater revenue opportunities.

Improve the customer experience

Prevent frustration and unintended service interruptions to ensure your customers continue to receive the products or subscriptions they expect.

Update card data without introducing PCI scope

Use a third-party provider like TokenEx to handle requests for updates, save time, and keep sensitive cardholder data out of your environment.

Why is it valuable?

“Having the ability to continue charging a card without needing to call a customer to
get that new information – or worse, having
it fail and go into the collection state –
that’s a big win for us.”

Ryan Christensen

VP of Engineering, Acima Credit

How does it work?

Compile and share cards to be updated

Create a batch file

Send TokenEx a CSV containing the cards you want to check for updates so TokenEx can route them to the appropriate card brands.

Receive refreshed payment data from TokenEx

Updated records are returned to you

TokenEx will send you a file in the same format as the original with the new tokens for the refreshed cards. These updated records include updated tokens for payment data, cardholder names, and expiration dates.

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reduce payment declines

Why Account Updater?

Expired cards can create a lot of headaches if you have customers with frequent or recurring purchases. Each payment declined because of an expired card represents revenue that may be lost forever.

Easy implementation

Why Account Updater with TokenEx?

TokenEx makes it easy to keep cards up-to-date, with a simple integration allowing you to update cards across major card brands quickly. With TokenEx, you only have one integration with a simple file format, rather than needing to work with each card brand and its unique requirements. Most importantly, with TokenEx, you can update the cards without introducing additional PCI scope. 


How does the TokenEx Account Updater service work?

To utilize our Account Updater service, send us a CSV file containing the cards you want us to check for updates. You will include the TokenEx token, which will be swapped out with the PAN to send to the card brands. After the update, TokenEx will send you a file in the same format as the original with the new tokens for the refreshed cards.

If you would like more information, feel free to contact us or review our account updater documentation.

Does using Account Updater introduce additional PCI scope?

No, using the TokenEx account updater does not introduce additional PCI scope because you never handle the credit card PAN. In the file you send TokenEx, you will include the TokenEx token, not the PAN. We will swap out the token with the actual PAN and send it to the card brands. When we send the file back to you, it will include any information about card updates (e.g., updated expiration date, the status of cards) along with the TokenEx tokens. This ensures that you never see sensitive payment details and thus are kept out of PCI scope.

How is this different than an account updater solution from the card brands?

If you were to work directly with the card brands, you would need a separate integration with each of them, which means building a way to send and receive information in their unique file formats. With TokenEx, there is only one integration with one simple file format.

Additionally, working directly with the card brands may increase your PCI scope. You must send the full PAN to the card brands to provide updated card information, which means you have added PCI scope. With TokenEx, you send us the tokens for the cards that need to be updated, and then we will swap those out with the actual PANs to send to the card brands. Thus, you are never exposed to the PAN and remain out of PCI scope.

How much does the account updater service cost?

Pricing for this service will vary based on the number of cards you request and how many are successfully updated. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

What type of information is updated?

The expiration date, cardholder name, and the card number.

How is the data secured when using the TokenEx Account Updater service?

All transmissions are encrypted and stored via SFTP.

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.