universal tokens

Get secure, compliant, and keep control of your data

Own your payment data without worrying about breaches or introducing risk, all while maintaining payment flexibility. Reduce your audit times by up to 90%, increase authorization rates, and securely send payment data to multiple processors.

Why is it valuable?

Gain control of your payment data

Own your payment data and remove the need to manage payment information across multiple systems.

Minimize PCI Compliance Burden

Replace sensitive data with non-sensitive tokens to spend less time, money, and resources on PCI audits.

Flexibility to add or change processors

Seamlessly switch, add, or remove payment processors without needing to transfer your tokens.

Gain customer insights

With all your payment data in a single location, tracking customer purchases across channels and processors is easy.

How we solve the problem

Data control isn’t optional

Take control of your data with our flexible solution— choose between various token schemes, plug into any payment gateway, and connect your data online and in person.

A robust, scalable cloud platform

Universal Tokens are a robust, dependable cloud platform that is scalable to handle large transaction volumes during peak demand periods. This platform has a high system uptime and availability, so you have stability in your business.

How it works


A flexible solution that works with you.

Accept payment information across different channels, all while reducing your PCI scope and gaining flexibility and control over your payments.


Securely store your data without the worry of compliance.

Tokenize and detokenize sensitive data within our cloud environment.


Leverage the power of Universal Tokens

Using a universal token allows you to securely send payment information to multiple processors or third-party partners.

How Universal Tokens has helped our clients

“TokenEx has radically reduced our PCI scope. If we were holding credit card details, it would be outside my skill set so we’d have to hire someone and that would increase costs. So that’s where TokenEx helps massively.”

Matt Bush headshot at Trust My Travel
Matt Bush

Trust My Travel CTO and Co-founder

“We need to have the control in our hands. Otherwise, the control is in the payment processors’ hands. By having full control of the process, we can build a hub internally that enables us to route payments to all our payment processors.”

Fernando Flores

VIVRI IT Director

“We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field. That’s a big relief.”

Tyson Martin
Tyson Martin

Orvis Chief Information Security Officer

“If you partner with a company like TokenEx, you don’t have to build it yourself, so that means we don’t need to have all of the people in-house to create the stuff that you already built on your side. We can focus on optimizing our platform.”

Lennart Koopmans

Magnius Founder

“You want a token provider like TokenEx that is always up and available. You don’t have to worry about it. That’s what you want.”

Steve Bacastow
Steve Bacastow

Payouts Network Chief Strategy, Technology, & Compliance Officer


What are Universal Tokens?

Universal Tokens is a solution that allows you to secure payment or sensitive customer data across channels and processors. At TokenEx, you can choose between 28 different token schemes to fit your business needs.

What is PCI DSS 4.0?

Learn all the basics about PCI DSS and how to become compliant in this blog: PCI DSS 4.0: How to become PCI Compliant.

Is there documentation I can read?

Yes, you can access our library of API Docs.

What to look for in a tokenization solution?

Read through our solutions guide to learn more about what to look for in a tokenization solution.

Learn more about TokenEx and our thought leaders.

I can tokenize for free with my payment processor(s). Why should I use TokenEx?

By working with TokenEx, you can access universal tokens that can be used across any payment processor. This is beneficial because it allows you to expand your business into other regions, increases your authorization rates, and gives you control over your payment data. Typically, by using a payment processor’s tokens, you’re locked into that processor and can’t easily add, change, or remove payment processors.

Why is using TokenEx better than building my own system for handling payment data?

TokenEx provides our clients with a single token that can be used across payment service providers, allowing our clients to add or switch gateways/acquirers without having to retokenize or manage yet another set of tokens. In addition, TokenEx has a comprehensive suite of tokenization solutions, exceeding those offered by most payment gateways. Our tokenization solutions also include the provisioning and life-cycle management of network tokens, which can be used with any gateway/acquirer that supports them.

You can remove the burden of managing multiple sets of tokens specific to each acquirer or gateway that issued them. By using TokenEx, you get access to agnostic tokens, which means you can use your tokens across any gateway and acquirer – allowing clients to increase their acceptance rates and making it easier for clients to process payments by using agnostic network tokens.

Do Universal Tokens support my payment processor(s)?

Yes, TokenEx can connect to any payment processor.

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.