Prevent fraud without introducing scope

What can it do?

Maintain minimal PCI scope

Use TokenEx as a layer of abstraction to prevent raw primary account numbers and other sensitive cardholder data from entering your environment.

Prevent fraud

Integrate with your preferred fraud provider to protect your customers and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Reduce false declines

Add fraud prevention to your security stack for a layered approach that can increase the profitability of your payment processing.

How does it work?

Tokenize with TokenEx

Send us your sensitive data

Capture and tokenize payment card information via your selection of TokenEx acceptance channels.

Receive scope-free fraud prevention

Use fraud services to connect your provider

Let TokenEx send the necessary cardholder data to your provider of choice so you can enjoy fraud prevention without the scope.

How our API can be useful for your business

Our simple, easily accessible API documentation contains everything from data flows to code snippets, giving you the information you need to begin testing right away.

Achieve your business goals

The following guides and API documentation will help you successfully integrate with our platform.

Get sandbox access

If you don’t yet have access to the TokenEx Test environment, contact sales for a TokenEx ID and API key.

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.