Launching a new product with tokenization

How working with TokenEx made it easier to launch a new product while reducing PCI scope for customers and providing a reliable service for processing payments.

About the company

Payliance is a leading payment service provider focused on supporting lenders who distribute and accept payments.

Payliance is a leading payment service provider focused on supporting lenders who distribute and accept payments. They were founded in 2007 and process over 4.5 million transactions monthly with deep expertise in the lending, collections, ecommerce, and gaming industries.

Industry: Payment Services, Platform as a Service

Location: Ohio

Company Size: Commercial

Products Used: Token Services API

Mitigating PCI scope across the board

When Payliance decided to launch a new debit and credit card processing product, they realized they needed a way to handle sensitive card information. As James Robinson, Director of Product, says, “One of our main objectives was to mitigate PCI scope both for Payliance and our clients. Since we need to be PCI Level 1 compliant, we were looking to architect our infrastructure in a way to best manage our PCI scope, and TokenEx helps us do that.”

As a payment service provider to lending companies, Payliance is keenly focused on security. Stating that “Security is our top priority, we needed to be PCI compliant. And we were looking to go above and beyond to support our clients by helping them with PCI compliance.” 

A stable provider to aid product growth

Since launching in 2018, they have seen exponential growth in their card products, and having a vendor that can keep up with that growth has been vital to James and his team. They are growing at least 50% year over year, and TokenEx has continuously kept up with their uptime and availability. When Payliance does run into an issue, TokenEx’s support team is readily available to assist.

In those five years since its launch, Payliance has grown significantly. And as James explains, “We needed a solution that was available 24/7, 365 days of the year. TokenEx has been a stable vendor, which has kept us close to the product.”  

How Payliance uses TokenEx

Payliance uses TokenEx to add a layer of security to their payment processing for their clients. By using TokenEx’s Tokenization Services, Payliance can offload its secure data storage—lessening their PCI scope and clients and reducing the complexity of maintaining its own secure environment.

When a customer accepts a payment, Payliance leverages TokenEx services to generate a unique token and store that information. Payliance then uses that token to complete the payment process for their customer. Because of the ease of use, Payliance could seamlessly integrate TokenEx into their payment flow to mitigate the burden of storing sensitive data almost entirely.

Growth and Security

Ability to launch their own credit and debit card processing.

Reduced PCI scope for their company and clients and simplified PCI Level 1 compliance.

Stable solution that operates around the clock throughout the year. 

TokenEx is a stable and reliable solution. We haven’t had to incorporate any major technology or version changes due to TokenEx since deployment. And since PCI Level 1 Compliance is an expectation for payment processors, by using TokenEx, we’ve streamlined our audits.”

James Robinson headshot
James Robinson

Director of Product, Payliance

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