Optimization and flexibility in payments

How partnering with a third-party provider reduced scope, optimized payment experiences, and enabled new capabilities

About the company

Magnius is a white-label payment orchestration platform (POP) built for banks, payment service providers (PSPs), and large merchants. The Intelligent Payment platform acts as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model and an enterprise solution. Their platform’s typical use cases include running full PSP or merchant operations, entering new markets and countries worldwide, or prototyping new payment technologies.

Industry: Payment Orchestration platform

Location: The Netherlands

Company Size: SMB

Products Used: Hosted iFrame and Transparent Gateway API

Secure card data and maintain PCI compliance

As a POP, Magnius must ensure that clients’ sensitive card data is secure and PCI DSS compliant, which can be challenging and costly to manage without a tokenization provider with the skills and resources to focus on these security and compliance requirements.

“Before working with TokenEx, we had our own token vault for our clients, which costs us more resources and time internally because we had to focus on creating a tokenization platform and tokenizing clients’ credit card data,” Magnius Founder Lennart Koopmans said.

“Other important concerns are to minimize our PCI scope and provide seamless payment operations for clients. After all, if payments are going to be a hassle for your clients, then you might lose them.”

Accept and cleanse data

By implementing the TokenEx Transparent Gateway into their platform, Magnius clients can safely and quickly transmit and receive card data without introducing risk or compliance scope. The Transparent Gateway allows clients to establish unique endpoints that accept and cleanse the payment data before it hits their environment. This enables Magnius clients to work with any third-party acceptance channel without increasing risk or scope.

Additionally, the TokenEx iFrame enables Magnius to offer a white-label service for clients to tokenize sensitive card data directly from their checkout pages or other payment forms, which protects it at the point of acceptance.

This solution helps prevent the payment pages or downstream systems from handling card data while maintaining the look and feel of clients’ website branding.

How it works

“By working with a partner like TokenEx, you don’t have to build a tokenization platform yourself. Nobody needs to do anything because the TokenEx platform works, is fast and easy to use, and operations are pretty fast. This gives us time to focus on optimizing our platform, such as optimizing clients’ payment approval rates and guiding them in the right direction regarding their payment needs,” Koopmans said.

As a payment orchestration platform, Magnius has benefited from working with TokenEx in several ways, such as reducing PCI scope, providing seamless payment experiences for clients, tokenizing and storing sensitive credit card data in a secure token vault outside of their environment, and having the time to focus on improving their platform.

“It’s a necessary evil that everybody needs to pay,” Koopmans said. “Payments need to be as smooth as possible, and TokenEx exists to help much with this.”

Unlock the value of your data

Magnius provides a seamless payment experience for clients.

Magnius tokenizes and stores card data in secure token vaults.

Magnius reduces PCI DSS compliance scope.

Why did you choose TokenEx?

“If you partner with a company like TokenEx, you don’t have to build it yourself, so that means we don’t need to have all of the people in-house to create the stuff that you already built on your side. We can focus on optimizing our platform.”

Lennart Koopmans

Founder, Magnius

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