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Maximize business growth and revenue with payment flexibility

How partnering with a third-party tokenization provider increased authorization rates, revenue, and payment possibilities

About the company

VIVRI is a multinational Essential Nutrition company that provides different lines of products and operates with the direct sales business model. This company is disrupting industries by incorporating the best of science and nature with effective, practical, and clinically backed systems. As a multinational company, VIVRI needed the flexibility and independence to work with multiple payment processors to ensure they are always processing payments in every country they do business in, increasing their revenue, and authorization rates.

Industry: Health and wellness company

Location: Dallas, TX; Phoenix, Arizona; Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica

Company Size: Commercial

Products Used: Transparent Gateway and Token Services API

Create a hub for payment gateways

Since VIVRI’s existing payment partner offered limited payment options and controlled the payment process, they couldn’t provide the capabilities VIVRI needed to offer multiple payment types and quickly operate in new countries. 

VIVRI wanted independence from their payment processors, so they could have the flexibility to use multiple payment options for every country that they operate in, as well as have full control of the payment process, specifically their card tokens.  

“We need to have the control in our hands, otherwise, the control is in the payment processors’ hands. By having full control of the process, we can build a hub or gateway [internally that enables us to route payments to all of our payment processors],” VIVRI IT Director Fernando Flores said.

This flexibility allows us to decide which processor to send transactions to. We are also in a better position to negotiate with the processors instead of having only one or two and being unable to move from them. TokenEx offers a lot of flexibility and options for us.”  

Retain control, increase revenue

By partnering with TokenEx to build a payment hub and have the flexibility and independence to integrate with multiple payment processors, VIVRI was able to take control of its payment processing. This independence allowed them to route transactions based on their risk module and use a different gateway if one was down or rejected a transaction. As a result, VIVRI was able to process more payments, increase authorization rates by 10 to 15 percentage points, increase monthly revenue by 5% to 7%, and reduce PCI scope because TokenEx stores sensitive payment information, so that they don’t have to keep it in their internal systems.  

“Using TokenEx gives businesses an opportunity to increase revenue, open new markets quickly, grow their businesses, have better market share, control their payment processing, and partner with a safe technology company that covers all the different security standards,” Flores said.

To grow their multinational business, VIVRI needed a partner that would improve their speed in expanding to new markets in new countries. “For our old model, if we want to open a new country, that could take us around two to three months to see if we can process payments in that country. With the TokenEx model, it takes us one to two weeks from a technical side to be ready or to say that we can process in that country.” 

“This simple step speeds up the process because all of the other areas can work more quickly to start operating in that country once we are able to process payments.” 

How it works

First, VIVRI calls the Token Services API with a request to tokenize card numbers. When they need to access the original PANs, VIVRI calls this API again with a request to detokenize.  

VIVRI uses unique API endpoints to capture incoming card data from third-party APIs, so they can safely ingest sensitive information outside of their environment

When VIVRI needs to process a payment or transmit sensitive data to a third-party processor, it returns the token to TokenEx. In return, TokenEx sends the sensitive data to the desired payment processor using VIVRI’s rulesets to ensure the most successful outcomes, so VIVRI can continue to run critical business operations

Achieve payment flexibility
for better processing rates

VIVRI was able to evaluate the technical feasibility to process payments in a new country within 1 to 2 weeks, compared to 8 to 12 weeks previously.

VIVRI increased authorization rates by 10 to 15 percentage points by working with multiple PSPs.

VIVRI increased revenue by 5 to 7% per month due to improved authorization rates from using multiple payment processors.

“Using TokenEx gives businesses an opportunity to increase revenue, open new markets quickly, grow their businesses, have better market shares, control their payment processing, and partner with a safe technology company.”

Fernando Flores headshot at VIVRI
Fernando Flores

IT Director, VIVRI

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