credit card tokenization

Minimize the risk of data theft

To safeguard this sensitive data and comply with regulatory obligations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, TokenEx’s Cloud Security Platform utilizes cloud-based tokenization. By tokenizing with TokenEx, you can secure and desensitize cardholder data to comply with PCI DSS standards and virtually eliminate the risk of data theft.

Maximize the value of your data

Reduce your risk

Increase security and PCI scope reduction

Keep your business connected

Integrate with any third party

Avoid getting locked in

Use multiple processors and/or endpoints

What is Credit Card Tokenization?

Credit card tokenization is the process of de-identifying sensitive cardholder data by converting it to a string of randomly generated numbers called a “token.” Similar to encryption, tokenization obfuscates the original data to render it unreadable in the event of a data breach or other exposure.

Unlike encryption, however, credit card tokenization is irreversible, and tokenized credit card data can be stored inside an organization’s cardholder data environment without violating the PCI DSS. It can also be deployed in a format- and length-preserving fashion to retain much of the business utility of the original, sensitive cardholder data. This enables organizations to operate with minimal disruptions to their existing business processes.

How Does Credit Card Tokenization Work?

TokenEx uses randomly generated data called tokens to tokenize a credit card, meaning the original, sensitive credit card data is removed from your environment and safely stored outside of it while a nonsensitive credit card token number is returned to you as a placeholder token for the credit card number. By swapping the credit card data, most commonly the primary account number (PAN), with a token, you’re relieving yourself of the need to store customer credit cards in your internal systems. From there, you can send credit card data to any endpoint via our patented, processor-agnostic Transparent Gateway.

Credit and Debit Card Tokenization Examples


Merchants and other organizations that use web stores or online applications to accept payments can benefit from TokenEx’s ecommerce tokenization. We offer a special Ecommerce Package featuring the TokenEx iFrame and our patented Transparent Gateway designed to minimize PCI compliance scope specifically for these customers.

For ecommerce acceptance channels, we use our iFrame to collect cardholder data directly from the fields of your checkout page, minimizing risk and the scope of PCI DSS compliance by preventing it from ever entering your cardholder data environment. Because we use the iFrame to ingest the data, you can use tokenization alongside credit card processing while maintaining the look and feel of your website’s checkout page.


Organizations can use TokenEx to tokenize cardholder data captured from mobile applications on Android or iOS devices. Whether these applications are native or web-based, we can collect the credit card data traversing them and securely tokenize it for risk reduction and industry compliance. Similar to the way we tokenize credit card data from ecommerce entry points, TokenEx captures credit card information from browsers using either the iFrame or browser-based encryption. From there, data is tokenized and stored as it would be regardless of the acceptance channel.

For native mobile applications, TokenEx enables the tokenization of credit card data with its Mobile API. TokenEx’s Mobile API allows customers to send credit card and other sensitive data captured from the device using their mobile applications to TokenEx to be tokenized and safely stored. With our Mobile API solution, we can offer comprehensive mobile tokenization.

Call centers

Call centers are popular stations for providing customer service and for accepting payments over the phone. These centers use technology such as point-to-point encryption (P2PE), interactive voice response (IVR), and dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) to ingest payment card information. TokenEx can integrate with these technologies to tokenize sensitive payment data and remove the credit card information from the systems downstream from the call center environment. This relieves the organization from storing sensitive credit card data in its internal systems and reduces its overall compliance scope.

Remove sensitive credit card data from your environment.

“We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field. That’s a big relief.”

Tyson Martin

Chief Information Security Officer

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