platform overview

Own your payment data, control your growth

Optimize your payment ecosystem with the flexibility and security of a universal payment token, along with reduced fraud, increased authorizations, and more revenue.

The TokenEx Platform

As your business evolves, so should your payment technologies. Route payments to multiple processors, manage the lifecycle of cardholder data without the PCI scope, and optimize your payments to reduce fraud—all with a single solution.

Platform Components

Control your payments data
  • One payment token for all your channels and processors.
  • Reduce PCI compliance burden and risk of storing sensitive data.
  • Lower the effort to add or change payment processors.
  • Decrease time to market with a simple integration.
  • Unlock customer purchasing insights.

Product: Universal Tokens

Improve your revenue
  • Avoid lost revenue and customer churn from expired card information. 
  • Increase authorization rates and lower interchange costs with additional authentication. 
  • Save development time by integrating with TokenEx instead of each individual card brand. 

Products: Account Updater, Network Tokens

Increase transaction confidence
  • Automatically accept or block payments based on fraud score.
  • Meet regulatory requirements, such as PSD2, by triggering additional verification when needed.
  • Access card data to make better payment decisions.

Products: 3-D Secure, Fraud Services, BIN Lookup

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Card lifecycle management platform illustration
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Core Capabilities

Open solution

Avoid lock-in and work with any payment processor or API.

Easy implementation

Extensive documentation and 24x7x365 tech support.

Higher availability and uptime

The reliability and scalability your business needs.

PCI compliance expertise

Guidance from PCI ISA-certified Solution Architects.

Customer testimonials

“We need to have the control in our hands. Otherwise, the control is in the payment processors’ hands. By having full control of the process, we can build a hub internally that enables us to route payments to all our payment processors.”

Fernando Flores

IT Director, VIVRI

“You want a token provider like TokenEx that is always up and available. You don’t have to worry about it. That’s what you want.”

Steve Bacastow
Steve Bacastow

Chief Strategy, Technology, and Compliance Officer, Payouts Network

“Having the ability to continue charging a card without needing to call a customer to get that new information – or worse, having it fail and go into the collection state – that’s a big win for us.”

Ryan Christensen from Acima
Ryan Christensen

VP of Engineering, Acima Credit

“We never touch any payment data in our contact centers, retail stores, websites, or in the field. That’s a big relief.”

Tyson Martin
Tyson Martin

CISO, Orvis

“If you partner with a company like TokenEx, you don’t have to build it yourself. That means we don’t need to have the people in-house to create what you already built. We can focus on optimizing our platform.”

Lennart Koopmans

Founder, Magnius

Customer stories

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How can TokenEx help my company achieve PCI compliance? 

TokenEx helps your company achieve PCI compliance by keeping sensitive credit card data out of internal systems. TokenEx securely collects payment card information from your acceptance channels (e.g., website, mobile app, in-person terminal). TokenEx stores this information and provides you with a non-sensitive “token”. When you want to charge the card, you simply provide TokenEx with the token, and it sends the credit card number to your payment processor to complete the transaction.

This means that your company is able to collect and process payment cards without ever seeing the payment information. This not only simplifies your PCI compliance but also reduces your risk if there is a data breach. To learn more about PCI compliance, visit our PCI Resources Center.

My processor offers tokenization for free. Why should I use TokenEx? 

By working with TokenEx, you can access Universal Tokens that can be used across any payment processor. This is beneficial because it allows you to expand your business into other regions, increases your authorization rates, and gives you control over your payment data. Typically, by using a payment processor’s tokens, you’re locked into that processor and can’t easily add, change, or remove payment processors.

What are the benefits of using multiple payment processors? 

Using multiple payment processors can improve your authorization rates, reduce payment processing costs, and increase your speed to market in new countries. Learn more in this blog post: How a Multi-Processor Strategy Can Improve Your Authorization Rates.

Where can I find technical documentation on your products? 
I’m interested in learning more. What is the next step? 

You can schedule a demo to learn more about the TokenEx platform and how it can help your business. 

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