Learn how our cloud tokenization platform can help you collect, store, and transmit sensitive data.

Accept. Secure. Transact. 

Our platform works by gathering sensitive data through either batch or API processes. Once the data is gathered, we accept and secure it, returning a token to you for internal use. When you need to transact with a third party, just send us the token and its destination so we can forward the related data on your behalf.  

Below are examples of how our features and services are commonly used to accept, secure, and transact in various industries. Premium features are available upon request. 

Package Description

Offer your customers unmatched flexibility in how they secure and process payments by creating your ideal payment ecosystem of fraud-and scope-reducing tools

Package Description

Minimize your PCI scope and work with any processor or gateway, all while keeping the look and feel of your ecommerce website.

Package Description

Minimize PCI scope, reduce friction, and support seamless omnichannel commerce from shop to site.

Package Description

Reduce your PCI scope and easily integrate with booking engines, OTAs, and third-party loyalty programs to create your ideal technology ecosystem.

Package Description

Support multiple sets of personal data, batch migrations, third-party tokenization, fraud prevention, lower interchange fees, seamless recurring transactions, and more.

Browser-Based Encryption
Contact Centers
Mobile API
Point-to-Point Encryption
Token Services API
Transparent Gateway API 2.0
3-D Secure
Account Updater
Fraud Services
Network Tokens
Payment Services API 2.0
Transparent Gateway API 2.0

What is tokenization?

Customer testimonials

“By controlling our own tokens, it allows us the flexibility to be nimble. We can move to other processors if necessary. We can chase better revenue opportunities.”

Scott Little

Co-Founder, Pay N Seconds

“In the last five years, I haven’t been able to take many days off of work due to the complexity of our payment stack. The TokenEx infrastructure and software, my team, and our tech partners have been game changers. The TokenEx software is so reliable, and everything works so well. I now have the option to relax and take time off, like going to Europe for two weeks.”

Fernando Flores

IT Director, VIVRI

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The combination of security and flexibility enables our customers to positively impact revenue by improving payment acceptance rates, reducing latency, and minimizing their PCI footprint.

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