Payment Services

Simple, maintenance-free gateway integrations

What can it do?

Simplify the management of gateway connections

By coding to a single API, you can integrate with a dozen common gateways to process transactions as you see fit.

Enable rapid speed-to-
market and international expansion

Outsourcing the creation, maintenance, and certification of gateway integrations allows you to quickly and easily add connections to help you scale.

Increase flexibility and redundancy

Connecting to multiple gateways enables you to introduce flexibility and redundancy to your payment flows so you can optimize your processing.

How does it work?

Connect to the TokenEx Payment Services API

Simply code to a single API

Set up your API calls with TokenEx request headers to easily connect to our platform for transparent detokenization.

Easily route payments to a dozen common gateways

Process with your choice of gateways

Once you’re connected to TokenEx, simply modify the request parameters to include which gateway you’d like to be the destination for your transaction.

How our API can be useful for your business

Our simple, easily accessible API documentation contains everything from data flows to code snippets, giving you the information you need to begin testing right away.

Achieve your business goals

The following guides and API documentation will help you successfully integrate with our platform.

Get sandbox access

If you don’t yet have access to the TokenEx Test environment, contact sales for a TokenEx ID and API key.

Why is it valuable?

“Working with TokenEx is a great way to have a centralized place and a standardized
way of managing tokens.”

Theron Hatch

Chief Information Officer, Pay N Seconds

How can I get it?

Let’s talk about your business to see how we can help.