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Auric Calculator

TokenEx is determined to make this transition from Auric as smooth as possible for all Auric clients. To assist in this process, we’ve created this calculator resource to help you determine your specific token storage needs.


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Token Storage

Total tokens stored:
Yearly storage fee:
Monthly storage fee:
Fee per token/month:
Fee per token/year:

Proxy4pci Service

$250.00 for up to 250,000 transactions. $50.00/10,000 additional.

Token Swap & Payments Passthrough

Token Swap is the ability to convert a token into a specific payment processor’s token.

Payments Passthrough is a universal interface into multiple payment processors while also providing access to advanced processor-specific features.

The two features are bundled together. Fees are based on the number of transactions processed.



Monthly Fee:
Yearly Fee:
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