Tokenization for Mobile Browsers

Use the TokenEx iFrame application to secure and desensitize data on your mobile web browser while maintaining its appearance and functionality.

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A Hosted Payment Solution

iFrame functionality for web app tokenization.

Maximize security and scope reduction by capturing, securing, and desensitizing sensitive data before it enters your organization's environment.

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BBE for Mobile Devices

Protect data within your mobile web application.

Browser‐based applications can use browser‐based encryption to secure sensitive data with greater control on mobile operating systems.

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No part of your environment houses the PAN when using TokenEx.

Immediately encrypt PANs on swipe or manual entry and send them to the TokenEx Cloud Security Platform to be tokenized and safely stored.

You have the freedom to pick your preferred PSP with TokenEx.

Using TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform to secure sensitive data and send it to any desired endpoint, you're not restricted in your choice of PSP.

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Browser-Based Encryption Benefits

Tokenize data collected on your mobile application and get access to the following features of TokenEx's Cloud Security Platform:
  • Maximum security and scope reduction
  • Nearly seamless integration
  • Complete control of your data
  • No restrictions for choosing a PSP

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Securing Browser-Based Mobile and Desktop Applications

TSD Web provides car rentals and related services via desktop browsers and mobile applications. Learn how TokenEx helped secure and desensitize its sensitive data.

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