Webinar Recap: PCI DSS 4.0 Updates & Compliance Tips

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TokenEx & IXOPAY Merge to Enable Merchants to Join the Multi-Processor World 

I’m excited to announce that TokenEx is merging with IXOPAY, creating a new leader in global payment optimization. This will combine TokenEx’s expertise in tokenization of payment data, with IXOPAY's best-of-breed payment orchestration, including transaction routing & reconciliation capabilities. The combined company will be called IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company, and represents a comprehensive product suite to secure and optimize payments. 
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How to Choose a Tokenization Solution

This expert guide will help you choose a tokenization solution and outline the pros and cons of tokenizing your organization’s sensitive data with different technologies and providers that comprise the tokenization landscape.
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Growing Your Revenue with Card-on-File Tokenization 

Card-on-file tokenization enables companies to claim all the benefits of storing cards on file while minimizing risk and compliance complications. In this blog, we’ll explain how credit card tokenization works, how it increases company revenue, and the best way to implement tokenization for your company.
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The Best Way to Use Network Tokens 

Network tokens are a security tool offered by card networks that replace primary account numbers with tokens. Learn more about how network tokens can increase revenue, and cardholder security, for your company in this blog.
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