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Increased security and a better customer experience

How tokenization helped Secure Medical reduce PCI compliance efforts and increase payment security for its customers.

About the company

Secure Medical, Inc. (SMI) is a technology-based company that provides advanced telemedicine products and services to Physician and Pharmacy groups. SMI and its wholly-owned subsidiaries focus on remote healthcare systems and solutions. SMI also offers expedited ordering and payment processing services and face-to-face, doctor-patient video software for its telemedicine clients.

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Industry: Healthcare

Location: Tempe, AZ

Company Size: SMB

Products Used: Universal Tokens (Tokenization Services API, Transparent Gateway, Payment Services)

Minimizing risk and improving customer confidence

As a pioneer in telemedicine for lifestyle prescriptions, Secure Medical knows the importance of projecting a credible brand. “There are a lot of companies in our industry that aren’t reputable,” CEO Kyle Rao explains. “I want to ensure our customers feel safe and comfortable using our technology.”

He added that a big part of this is reassuring customers that their payment information is safe. That means complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). “We receive many calls from customers asking if it’s safe to order with their credit card information,” Rao says. “I need to be able to tell them we are PCI compliant.” 

In addition to gaining PCI compliance to improve its customer experience, Secure Medical also needed to find a vendor to help them remove sensitive data stored in their systems. Rao explained, “We were storing credit card numbers in our databases, which was a clear and present security issue.”

Improved compliance and responsive support

By implementing TokenEx, Secure Medical became PCI compliant and eliminated the risks of storing sensitive credit card data in its systems. Rao says, “We are enhancing our security by not storing actual credit card info. Instead, we are storing tokens that are useless to any attacker that might try to penetrate our defenses.”

Additionally, Secure Medical has benefitted from less time spent on PCI compliance activities. “Our PCI footprint was substantially reduced when we implemented TokenEx,” Rao explains. “This streamlined many of our business practices and freed up people and resources dedicated to PCI-related tasks.”

Secure Medical also appreciates TokenEx’s responsiveness to technical questions. “TokenEx is really on top of it when it comes to technical support,” Rao says. They are very responsive when we have an issue, and that’s critical for us to be successful.”

How Secure Medical uses TokenEx

Secure Medical utilizes the Tokenization Services API to send sensitive credit card information to TokenEx. TokenEx stores the data and returns a non-sensitive token to Secure Medical. Secure Medical stores the token instead of the credit card number, so sensitive data is kept out of its systems.

When Secure Medical needs to charge a customer, they send the token for that customer to TokenEx. TokenEx detokenizes the payment information and sends it to Secure Medical’s payment processor using the TokenEx Transparent Gateway or TokenEx Payment Services. 

Improved security and a better customer experience

Increased customer confidence with PCI compliance.

Removed sensitive data from internal systems.

Freed up resources to work on high-priority projects. 

“The TokenEx experience has been exceptional from inception to production. It was easy to implement, and support has been top-tier.”

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Kyle Rao

President and CEO, Secure Medical

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