Data Security Products: Tailored Tokenization Tools

TokenEx’s suite of products supports nearly any environment and data set. Whether your need is payment- or privacy-based, we have the right products to secure your data.

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Tokenization that Works for You

TokenEx provides effective data security products and tokenization options for your evolving needs.
Browser Implementations Choose from two options to secure data on your website: browser-based encryption or our iFrame, both of which maintain the look and feel of your website. Learn More Mobile Implementations Whether your app is native or web-based, we have the right products for you. If you want to retain complete control over how your mobile application secures data, use our public-key cryptography. Learn More Transparent Gateway With an easy implementation, our patented payment gateway gives you maximum flexibility with minimal disruption to your existing system and business processes. Learn More Token Services API Maintain complete control over the token life cycle, from creation to validation and deletion. You can also easily integrate the TokenEx platform with CRMs, ERPs, ESBs, and other internal systems. Learn More Batch Process large volumes of transactions and utilize account-updater services with our managed file transfer capability — without introducing PCI scope into your environment. Learn More P2PE This feature lowers risk and minimizes the cost of PCI compliance by enabling you to receive tokens for data captured from point-of-sale devices or PIN pads at brick-and-mortar stores and call centers. Learn More Icon_White-Ecommerce Ecommerce Package This suite of products is designed specifically for ecommerce merchants who want to minimize the scope of cardholder data in their environments during card-not-present transactions on their websites and/or mobile applications. Learn More Mobile API Integrate tokenization with your native mobile applications by using the Mobile API, a software development kit that enables merchants to capture cardholder data for mobile payments from customers’ iOS and Android devices. Learn More Account Updater TokenEx’s Account Updater enables our clients to refresh stored cardholder data to maintain accurate payment information for their customers. The result is fewer declines, increased consumer satisfaction, improved business retention, and reduced overall costs. Learn More

Full Payment Support

Gain unparalleled support and versatility across multiple environments and acceptance channels. TokenEx's product offering can support both card-present and card-not-present scenarios to meet all of your payment needs.

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We Grow With You

As a former startup, TokenEx knows what it's like to be a growing business. Our platform's flexibility and scalability mean that we can grow with your company to meet your needs even as they evolve over time.


Experience and Expertise

Founded in 2010 by two former Qualified Security Assessors, TokenEx has a strong background in cybersecurity and compliance. As our platform grows, we strive to best serve our customers and meet their security and compliance needs.

Availability, Security, and Compliance

Secure Any Data Set

Although we pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive PCI solution, we also recognize the importance of securing privacy data in an increasingly privacy-focused world. We are not strictly a payment platform — we can secure any data set.


How to Choose a Tokenization Solution

Gain a better understanding of the questions your organization should be asking when it comes to selecting the right tokenization solution by downloading our free ebook now

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