Cloud tokenization

Not using multiple payment processors?

Increase transaction approvals and revenue when implementing a multiple payment processor solution with TokenEx.

Benefits of a Multiple Processor Strategy with TokenEx

Improve authorization rates

Increase your revenue through increased uptime and improved transaction routing.

Reduce payment processing costs

Gain leverage to negotiate processing rates when splitting transactions across multiple processors.

Minimize PCI Scope by over 90%

Reduce the number of requirements needed to meet PCI DSS standards and simplify audits.

Increase Revenue

By working with TokenEx, VIVRI processed more payments, increased authorization rates by 10 to 15 percentage points, increased revenue by 5% to 7%, and reduced PCI scope.

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Minimize PCI Scope

Eliminate the need to store cardholder data and reduce the requirements needed to meet PCI DSS 4.0 by more than 90%.

Reduce Payment Processing Costs

Ownership of tokens makes it easier to change processors or move to another processor, and splitting transaction volumes across multiple processors provides leverage to negotiate rates.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Add or remove processors with ease and without major development re-work. Own your tokens and avoid processor lock-in with a multi-processor solution with TokenEx.

Enter New Markets Quickly

Accept payments in countries that current processors may not support, and utilize the correct processor for a new market with minimal integration work and limited impact on your PCI scope.

Improve Authorization Rates

Reduce downtime by having fallback options if a primary gateway is down, utilize automatic retries with another payment gateway with declined transactions, and route transactions to the ideal gateway on characteristics (e.g., country, purchase amount). Increase your revenue with improved authorization rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider using multiple processors? My existing processor works fine.

Single payment processors can limit your business’s ability to enter new markets quickly and increase your risk of losing revenue if your processor’s payment system goes down. Using multiple payment processors can decrease your processing costs since your business will have more leverage to negotiate your rates. 

Why would I pay for tokenization that I receive free through my PSP?

Using 3rd party tokenization gives you ownership over your tokens, prevents your business from a single processor lock-in, and allows you to add or change processors as needed.

I already have multiple processors. How can TokenEx help?

Focus on what you do best. Instead of managing tokens from multiple gateways, you will have a universal token from TokenEx to use with any payment processor. Since TokenEx is compatible with any API, this system scales with you as you need to add new processors to your payment stack. 

Leverage the freedom of tokenization for your business

Store and securely transfer credit card data without sacrificing business utility or agility.