Tailored Tokenization Solutions

Whether your organization needs to be PCI compliant or adhere to global privacy regulations, TokenEx can help you feel confident in the security of your data.

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Simple, Seamless Data Security

Choose from a variety of scope-reducing, data-protection solutions.
PCI Compliance Achieving PCI compliance is a complex, time-consuming task. TokenEx has the experience and expertise to reduce your scope, securing PCI data while removing it from your environment regardless of how it is accepted or what PSP is used. Learn More Privacy Compliance Global privacy regulations are ever-changing and variable from country to country, and organizations of all types must prepare and adapt to the dynamic landscape of data security requirements. Meet these international requirements without sacrificing operations by desensitizing, de-identifying, and pseudonymizing your data with TokenEx. Learn More Payment Solutions Founded by two former Qualified Security Assessors, TokenEx began as a solution for organizations seeking simpler, more effective methods for securing card payments and other transactions. Learn More Fraud Prevention TokenEx partners with Kount to offer fraud-prevention and chargeback services to protect your organization from a variety of vulnerable payment scenarios. Our flexible Cloud Security Platform enables you to easily work with a variety of acceptance channels and multiple third-party processors and vendors without introducing the risk of fraud. Learn More Call Centers Secure and desensitize payments accepted at call centers via point-to-point encryption (P2PE), interactive voice recognition (IVR) and dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) software. Our call center solutions reduce PCI scope and enable security and compliance. Learn More Diverse Token Schemes Our versatile token schemes and record templates are designed to work alongside your organization's current systems — so you can integrate with minimal alteration to your platform, regardless of the sensitive data set being tokenized. Learn More Powerful Risk Reduction Tokenization removes sensitive data from the equation. In the event of a breach, only non-sensitive, unrelated tokens are exposed, protecting your most critical business data. Learn More Data Security Island Segment and secure sensitive data. Remove payment and other sensitive data from your network with TokenEx's Data Security Island, securing and storing it outside of the scope of PCI compliance. Learn More

Secure Any Data Set

TokenEx's versatile token schemes can secure and desensitize PCI data, personally identifiable information, protected health information, personal data, personal information, and other sensitive data types — and it’s all vaulted securely, only to be accessed by your systems with the proper security keys. Customizable record templates can also be used to meet your specific business needs.


Simplify Compliance

TokenEx is a compliance expert. Our Cloud Security Platform is designed to secure and desensitize data to comply with everything from industry standards such as the PCI DSS to global privacy regulations such as the GDPR.


Own Your Data

Your data is your data. Unlike some service providers, we won't retain ownership of your data or charge you to retrieve or extract it. You maintain full access to – and control over – all of your data to keep your business running as smoothly and securely as possible.


Omnichannel Acceptance

No matter how you accept payments, TokenEx can secure them wherever they are captured. With flexible implementations and easy integrations, we can work alongside a variety of payment methods and processors, including web, call centers, mobile apps, swipe card readers, and more.


How to Choose a Tokenization Solution

Gain a better understanding of the questions your organization should be asking when it comes to selecting the right tokenization solution by downloading our free ebook now.

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