Accelerate Growth with Payments Orchestration

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The recent merger of TokenEx and IXOPAY, resulting in IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of payment solutions. Most importantly, this union extends TokenEx’s comprehensive portfolio with the ability to add IXOPAY’s advanced payment orchestration capabilities.

At the heart of these new payment orchestration capabilities from IXOPAY are four critical components:

  1. Payment Adapters
  2. Intelligent Transaction Routing
  3. Reconciliation of Settlement Data
  4. Unified Analytics.

Together, these payment orchestration capabilities can optimize your payments, leading to greater redundancy, increased authorizations, and expanded geographic reach.

Payment Adapters: Simplified Integration and Diverse Payment Options

One of the core benefits of IXOPAY is its ability to facilitate effortless integration with various payment providers. With Payment Adapters, businesses can streamline connections to multiple payment service providers with minimal configuration effort. This feature provides access to over 200 integrations covering traditional and alternative payment methods tailored to global needs. By offering diverse payment acceptance options, businesses can cater to customer preferences, ultimately boosting conversion rates without adding complexity.

Intelligent Transaction Routing: Optimizing Reliability and Conversion Rates

Intelligent transaction routing with IXOPAY ensures redundancy and reliability in payment processing. By utilizing fallback routing, businesses can overcome processor downtime and prevent failed transactions caused by errors or outages. Beyond that, merchants can route transactions to the ideal processor based on country, amount, payment method, and more.

Geographic optimization features enable the prioritization of local processors and payment methods, enhancing authorization rates while reducing transaction fees. Additionally, integrating risk and fraud analysis into transaction routing ensures that transactions are directed to the most appropriate payment and fraud providers based on risk scores and predefined rules.

Reconciliation of Settlement Data: Enhancing Operational Efficiency

Reconciliation of settlement data is streamlined through IXOPAY’s solutions. Businesses can automatically import transactions from multiple processors and compare them with internal systems. This capability simplifies identifying and resolving reconciliation issues, such as missing data or discrepancies. Furthermore, the solution remains flexible, accommodating various formats and delivery methods of settlement data, ensuring operational efficiency and accuracy.

Unified Analytics: Critical Payment Data Across All Processors.

IXOPAY makes it easy to view and analyze critical payment data through a dynamic dashboard. This central interface aggregates all payment transactions, providing easy access to key payment KPIs from multiple processors to identify trends and opportunities efficiently. The platform is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor data views by adjusting widgets, filters, chart types, and time periods to meet specific business needs. It also enables in-depth analysis through “pivot table” functionality and seamless data export to business intelligence tools.

Moving Forward

Leveraging payment orchestration empowers businesses to unlock substantial growth potential by optimizing payment operations, enhancing customer experiences, and mitigating transaction risks. IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company, helps merchants embrace this transformative technology, allowing you to streamline payment processes, expand market reach, and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

Interested in harnessing the power of payment orchestration for your business? Request a demo today to explore how IXOPAY, a TokenEx Company, can accelerate your growth trajectory.