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By partnering with a tokenization provider, Acima saved tens of thousands of dollars annually, eliminated processing failures, and more without hindering critical business operations.
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West Bend

Learn how West Bend removed the PFI from its internal systems, which strengthened its security, minimized risk, and reduced the impact of a breach by 1.5 million records.
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Super needed to securely collect and transfer third-party credit card data, which was possible by partnering with a tokenization provider. They experienced 100% growth YoY and enabled an additional 10% of its business.
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Orvis integrated with the TokenEx platform to accept and cleanse data before entering its system, allowing them to safely store and transmit it, reduce PCI scope by 90%, and protect PII.
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Pay N Seconds

Working with a tokenization partner enabled Pay N Seconds to connect to multiple gateways, retain token ownership, build consumer profiles, reduce scope by 75%, and save 33% on compliance.
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